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Growing Up Either Way

Read-Alouds: This week Jessica read  “A bad Case of the Stripes,” by David Shannon. This was the best read aloud so far. The book is so cute and I really enjoyed it. I would use this book for a freshman success class or just a freshman class in general. It’s not about what other people think, it’s all about what you want, need, and like. So if your so called friends don’t fit in what you want out of life get rid of them.

Quote Of the Week: A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.  ~Author Unknown  I love this quote so much. So many teachers are trying to create students’ into a shadow of themselves. The don’t allow the student to create their own way and own image. I wish more teachers believe in this.

Learning Experiences: This week we learned about barriers to learning. I never really realize that my fellow peers could have so many problems that no one ever notice. This week I also learned that teachers have a lot more to deal with then making lesson plans and going to meeting. They have the extra task of dealing with students’ problems that are not dealt with at home. We also took our redo test on Special Education laws and labels, and I really scared to see what I made since it was harder than the first one.

Current Event:                      This article is about how a bullying laws have loophole. This because most bullying law don’t cover cyberbullying. Bullying here in the US, has become a big problem lately and I feel we need to do more to stop it.

Observations: This week I observed the freshman class. Usually I can’t tell who the freshman are because they try to be under the radar. This year the freshman want to be noticed. Most of the freshman are trying to date seniors or juniors. The freshman boys are going out for every varsity sports they can try out for. Then there are the freshman who like me my first year of high school are just trying to hang on the friends who are not changing every five minutes to be accepted by people who could really care less about. I think freshman should get more attention at school because they want to feel accepted by others.

Reflections: Why does it take so long to find out if you got accepted to the college of your dreams? Why is my senior year the hardest year of high school? Why do we care so much about what others thinks? I wonder how many of my friends have barriers stopping them from learning?


Read-Alouds: There were two read aloud this week. The first was “I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words,” by Michael Frith. I really like this read-aloud because it reminded me of me when I was in the third grade. I always imagined doing something great and then saying I do it later. So I would use this book to help kids who are like I was, realize that daydreaming is okay, but making dreams come true is so much better. The second read aloud was “Julius Baby of the World” by Kevin Henkes. This is the cutest little book ever. I truly enjoyed this book, but it reminded me of my brother. He always picks on me and pull pranks, but the minute someone else tries to do the same he is ready to fight them. Crazy I know, anyway I would use this book to help kids who have a new brother or sister realize that the new baby is not a bad thing but a good thing, and then have the class talk about their siblings.

Quote of the Week: A teacher can teach till they are blue in face, but the only way a student will get it is if the teacher actually care. author Unknown I really enjoyed this quote because I truly understand it. In order for me to learn I need a teacher who is passionate, who really wants me to get it.

Learning Experiences: This week I learned that I studying for two hours a day for week still isn’t enough to pass a major test in teacher cadets. Thanks for giving us a second chance Mrs.Jackson. Firday Mrs. Theresa Holland, came to our class. She is ESOL teacher, which basically means she helps student who speak other languages learn english. I think it a cool job, because she is really touching those students’ lives.

Current Event:

Observations: This week one of my clincial rotations for Health Science was going to Picketts Fence Christian Academy. I been there before back in stepember and the kids have really grown up fast. It was fun to watch the kids play and give each other nicknames. It amazing how a two year old can learn some much in a day, by the time I left they could write the first two letters in their names.

Reflections: Life throws us on so many different paths picking the right way can be tricky. So if i do teach what am I going to teach and what grade level?

Read-Alouds: There were three read alouds this week. The first one was a Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein, which is a book of poems. I would use this book to teach second graders how to write poem and then we would have a book of poem just from the class. The next one was Picky Mrs. Pickle by Christine M. Schnelder. This book would be a great way to show those picky eater that trying new things can be rewarding. I use this book in a kindergarten classroom to get the kids to try new things. The last read  aloud was My Dog, My Hero by Belsy Byars. I really enjoyed this read aloud because it shows that the person you don’t expect to be a hero turns out to be a hero. I use this book in a third grade classroom and have the kids writes stories about their heroes.

Quote of the Week:“Teaching is leaving a vestige of one self in the development of another.” -Eugene P. Bertin 

Learning Experience: This week I learned what it meant to be disabled, through a series of activities. The first activity I learned that I really need all my fingers to do something simple like picking something up. I had to tape my first two fingers to my thumb and put gloves on the floor in front of me, put gloves on, try to put peas into a medicine bottle, put paper clips on a note card, and screw a bolt on screw. It shocked me because Christie really struggled to do these activities, where it didn’t really fazed  me. I adapt to the situation pretty well, but I don’t think I could live my life-like that.  The next activity I had to be blind. It was horrible, I couldn’t even open a book to page four or find the letter “L,” in a bag of letters. My heart goes out to all the people who are blind, not because they don’t live a great life, but because people are cruel. The following activity of partners had a knee brace on both legs and one could not really see. I watched as my partner could barely walk up the hall or tell me how much a snickers bar cost. The next activity was following muffled directions and communicating through sign language.  I did pretty good following muffled directions I missed like one or two things and I’m not good at sign language. My favorite activities were distracting my partners, and following a maze using a mirror.  I laugh out loud as I watched Lawrence struggle to complete simple math with me yelling at him. I feel horrible for kid who have to go through that, because they can’t really learn. The last activities I was on clutches and Lawrence was in a wheelchair. Being in the wheelchair was fun, but on clutches is just hard work and I hope I never have to use them again. This week I learned that I shouldn’t complain because my life could be worst.

Current Event:  People Inc. in western New York have built a museum  dedicated to the history of development disabilities. The museum is located in Buffalo and it has resources and curriculum for educators to teach disability history in schools. Which is taking off with part of Disability History Week, which observed the third week in October.  I think that this a great thing and the more people who become aware of disabilities, the more the disabled can lead a better life.

Observations: I didn’t really observe anything this week, because I simply forgot to.

Reflections: We take the little things in life for granted. Things like being able to use all our fingers or walking with ease. So this week I’m grateful for all I have and the next time I see someone treating a disabled person wrong I’m going to give them a piece of mind.

Read-Alouds: The first read-alouds was Mrs. Smith’s Incredible Storybook, by Michael Garland. I really enjoyed this read aloud. I would use this in a second grade classroom. I would have the children make a fairy tale out of a crazy chaotic day in their lives and then we would make a giant classroom book of fairy tales. The second read aloud was All Cats Have Asperger, by Kathy Hoopmann. I enjoyed this read aloud the most this week. I would use the book in a kindergarten classroom to let the kids know that everyone is different no matter who they are. The last read aloud this week was The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. I would use this book in a fifth grade classroom to let the kids know that in life we just take from some people and that makes them happy. But as you get older you must learn how to give and take.

Quote of the Week:  The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupil that they can readily answer, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him in which he finds hard to answer.- Alice Wellington Rollins.  This quote is awesome. I never thought about teaching in that way and I love how certain quotes and things really open your eyes to new things.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that we make people feel bad. People who have disabilities don’t really think about their disability like we do. They are used to it and we make some of them feel insecure. We need to start treating people like we treat our friends. We also took a test on the book The Curious incident of the dog in the Nighttime. This book is amazing it really give insight into the lives of those with disabilities and the people who care for them.

Current Event:                                                         This article is about Austim. New data shows the 1 in 110 kids have austim. The study showed that eight percent of the US population eight years old have austim. I think it is time we found a cure for austim and stop kids from having to deal with everything austim brings to their lives.                     

Reflections: Why do I procrastinate so much? Why do I keep second guessing myself in everything I do? Can you really change the world by standing up for what you believe in?

Last Week

Read-Aloud: This week the read aloud was Clap Your Hands by Lorinda Bryan Cauley. This was a very fun read aloud and I think little kids would truly enjoy this book. I would use this book to get kids awake when they first come to school, because they are tired like us in the morning some times. This book would also be a great way to get the kids to get to enjoy each other, I would set them up in small group and have them actually do would the book says. 

Quote of the week: Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand. – Chinese Proverb I love this quote, because this is what teachers really do; they tell you something and you may forget, they show you something and you remember it somewhat, but when they get you involve you truly understand. This quote is really what a teacher is to me.

Learning Experience: The 2008 South Carolina Teacher of the Year,  Mrs. Ann Marie Taylor came to speak to us this week. She is amazing and the first special education teacher to win. I enjoyed the fact that she is an advocate for those kids, some many people never really give them a chance all they see is someone who is truly different, but they are not. I learn that being a teacher is not being a dictator, but a servant leader one who leads by example and that teaching takes some patient, creativity, and understanding.

Current Event:                                                       This article is about how advocates for mental health sue California over mental health cutoff. They claim that it is  the state violated the Individuals with Disabilities Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act by cutting off the program known as “AB 3632 services. Many children are having their education compromise and parents fear the worst. 

Observations: I observed spirit week this week. I love how the student body can come together and celebrate our school. My favorite day was nerd day, because everyone was laughing  at each other. I think it is really awesome how for a week we can all put our differences aside and I wish  that it could always be like that.

Reflections: Should I get more involved with Special Education? How can we get more people to understand their struggle? How can we stop the discrimination?

Read-Alouds: This week read-alouds were awesome. I love how Lawrence signed a speech it was really cool I wish I knew sign-language. I really enjoy The Bracelet  by Elizabeth Ballard. It shows that as a teacher you should take the time to really get to the your students because you really don’t know how they really feel sometimes. I use this book as a way to get to kindergarten through first grade students to talk about their mothers and someone who influence them. Then I would have them make bracelets for these people. The reason i chose The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans is because it kinda made me think of my teacher heart. After realize who the kids were that fell through cracks, I actually take the time to talk to them and this box reinforced that. I would this book to have senior reflect on their childhood and how it made them who they were.

Quote of the week: The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.  ~Author Unknown  I love this quote, it is amazing.  This is the plain simple truth, the best teachers don’t need a text book to teach you everything you need to know in their subject. All they need is the passion from their heart to teach.

Learning Experiences:  This week I learn that my classmates are really cool people. Everyone is starting to come out of their shells and we are really starting  to be like a family. I also learn that making lesson plans for classes are hard. I didn’t think teaching the class using different learning styles was going to be hard, but it was. Teachers work really hard to make sure we get all the information we need in a way where we can understand it.

Current Event: This article is about how a large school in Massachusetts turn around the failure rates of their students. They incorporated writing and reading in every class including gym and make classes smaller. Small is better sometimes. It allows teachers to give students more aid when they struggle and some students just need more intimate classroom settings.

Observations: I observed my friends this week. I hang out with so many different people that I’m shocked they all get along. Last class I got a chance to sit anywhere I wanted and ended up by friends. As I looked around the classroom there was one person sitting alone and it broke my heart. It’s funny how we isolate people without giving them a chance to get to know us. Next class if we pick our own seats I’m sitting by the person who isolated last class. It’s great to have friends but it’s better to make new friends. A wise young man once told me that saying hi to people you don’t know make actually make their day. I think I should apply this to my life since I have such a diverse group of friends and not one of them is alike.                          

Reflections:   Can I handle being a teacher? Am I going to graduate? What does the future really hold for me?

Read-Alouds: The read aloud this week was Punctuation Celebration by Elsa Knight Bruno. I would this book to help teach second or third grade students about punctuation. I enjoyed this read-aloud, and great follow-up activity for it  would be to have kids write their own books about punctuation.

Quote of the week: A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.  ~Terri Guillemets I love and agree with this quote a 100%. I can’t learn if I’m not curious, and the great teacher sparks my curious as they lead me to the knowledge I need to become wise.

Learning Experiences: I learned about a fellow classmate this week. The funny thing is I have had classes with her before, but we never really talked to one another. We do have a lot in common and think it might be fun getting to know her. Who knows we might become the best of friends. I think it would a great idea to do more little activities like getting to know your partner favorites or something. It might help destroy some of the cliques in our class.

Current Event: This article about is about how school tend to give standardize tests and standard for teachers to teach instead being different. Not every students will do well on standardize test, this doesn’t make them stupid but it does hold them back. The school system is not all helping to promote the best in students we all don’t learn the same and we can’t all be in the group that standardize testing is targeted to. The public school system is just be more diversified like it’s student body.

Observations: This week  I observed the classroom this week. I noticed that it full of  little cliques. My fellow classmates and I tend to be a little quieter when we are not among friends. Some of my classmate try to talk to everyone they sit with even through they really don’t know everyone well. So I think this week I will try to find something in common with fellow cadets I don’t know.

Reflections: Why do I procrastinate all the time? Why is getting ready for college so hard? Why does school have to be so stressful? Why did so many people lie about Senior year being the best time of my life?

week 4

Quote of the week: A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.  ~Henry Brooks Adams  A rare teacher will always influence his/her pupil even when they leave them. I had two teachers who words and some of their ways are still stuck to me like glue. They aided me in learning something new to use  in life and I’m thankful for that.

Read-Alouds: The first one was Oh the places we’ll go by Dr.Seuss. No matter what age you are this book can relate to your life. I would use this book to find out what my students wanted to do with their lives. I give them a project to see what it take for them to reach that goal. The Second one was The foolish tortoise by Richard Buckley. I enjoyed this read-alouds because i know what it feels like  when you are unhappy about yourself. I use this book for elementary school students, to let them know that there is nothing wrong with the way they are.  Then I would use the team esteem big book idea as class project, so each student can really know how special they are.

Learning Experiences: This week we watched a video about schools in rural South Carolina. It broke my  heart. I can’t believe parents actually send their kids to schools that are falling apart. I couldn’t believe that the school board actually let’s kids go to those schools. So this week I learned that every person you except to care about the education and welfare of your kids can’t always provide them with every thing that is needed for it.

Current Event: So University of Michigan decided to change their teaching-train programs. They are now focusing on the what they the teacher have to do instead you what they need to know. I thinks this is a great idea. Teachers need to stop trying to focus what they know on students. We as students need to be engaged. This is why I love classes like teacher cadets and health science I actually get to have hands on experience in the field I’m thinking about working in.

Observations: This week I started clinical rotations at the hospital. I was placed in oncology and I was prepared for the worst. I meet a young man who was just eighteen, he just graduated from high school four months ago.  This young man was bummed out because he had a fight with his girlfriend. I was fortunate enough to have a chance to sit down and talk to him. His mood improved a lot as we talked about things like relationships, family, and our futures. So when I’m dealing with children I need to remember that sitting down and talking with them can make them happier than me just sending them off to play with other Children.

Reflections: What am I going to major in? Do I really want to be a doctor?  I’m thankful for my life because it could be worst.

Quote Of the Week: He who dares to teach never cease to learn.-Anonymous   My math teacher is always saying double check my answer because i might be wrong. How many teachers do you know will admit that they are wrong? Most teachers wouldn’t admit that they are wrong. Great teachers are always learning and teaching at the same time. That’s the type of teacher i want to be.

Read-Alouds: The first one was Mrs.Spitzer’s by Edith Pattou i enjoyed this read alouds because of it’s use of an extended methapor. I would use this book to track students progress in my class if i was an elementary school teacher. Each student would be a different color flower within the classroom garden as  they learn more they get more petals and when they pass test and quizzes their stems grow. This would teach them how to competition civilly. The second one was only one you by Linda Kranz. This was my favorite read-alouds this week because it is a book full of inspiration quotes. I would use this in a high school classroom. Each student would come up with their own quotes to keep them inspirited throughout the school year. I think  this would help lower drop out rates, because kids need to be inspirited to learn.

Learning Experiences: This week i think the class bonded more, because of our presentation. My favorite one was the book big. Team Esteem is really our class and i love how that group tied everyone in the class to a letter in the alphabet. So I learned that the little thing you notice about someone really defined their character.

Current Event: This article is about study habits and teaching. It’s is not always good to stick to the norm when dealing with students. We like new and fresh ideas and habits. I think that is why some people don’t succeed in all they do.

Observations: This week i observe the cliques of our school. That is the one thing i wish people didn’t do. I hang out with everyone, it doesn’t matter how they dress so anything like that. If we have something in common we can be friends. So when i deal with young people i will slipt them up from their friends and make sure everyone bonds with each other.

Reflections: Where is my life heading? Where am i going to college? Can i really handle Senior year?

Quote Of the Week:  A good teacher is like a candle it consumes itself to light the way for others.- Auother unknown All of my good teachers gave up their time and energy to make sure that my classmates and I understood what they were teaching. So this quote is meaningful to me because it made me think of all the teacher who aided me into making it to senior year.

Read-Alouds: ?The first one was a poem called the race. I enjoyed this one, because i know a lot of people who want to win the race instead of finishing the race. The poem can be used in any grade as an icebreaker. You could have students describe their own race in life. The other read-aloud was Home by Moonlight. This one I think focused more on elementary school kids. You could use it in the classroom by having the kids writes a story, about something they did with their  mom. It is a good way of seeing how strong of a writer the kids are and getting to know them.

Learning Experiences:  One thing is true food brings people together. FAb Food Fridays are awesome. The activity who said, made me realize i learned a lot about my classmates during quilt squares. I also learned that some of my classmates are really funny.

Current Event:  This article is about a school in Washington D.C., whose mission is make sure no child is left behind. The kids live on campus and are very disciplined. All of their seniors graduated and are going to college. The school was featured on 60 Minutes on Sunday.

Observations: This week I noticed some of my teachers stick to the same way of teaching every class. I feel that when dealing with young people you need to mix it up, when teaching. One thing that really made ms smile is when I was leaving Wal-Mart on Thursday was this little girl in the parking lot who broke her neck to say hi. Even through it was cute it one thing i wouldn’t do to kids is ignore them when they want attention. Her mom didn’t even notice the little girl trying to get out of the cart.

Reflections: This week I’m concerned about my future. Am I ready to leave the nest? Are my parents ready? Is the future going to be everything  i thought it would be? Where is my life going?