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Observations: This week I had the opportunity to observe a special education class. The teacher Mrs.P is so awesome. She gives each student in her class the opportunity to ask questions. She makes sure they have fun when they are learning also. Some of the kids in her class go to regular ed classes, but I noticed that they are more eager to learn in the self-contained classes. The last day of Field Experience I observe my teacher. Mrs.C is very open with the kids, she tell them almost everything. She acts like one of the students at times and she does a really good job at keeping the kids engaged in their activities.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that saying good-bye is hard. The last thirty minutes or so in class was spend wishing me a farewell. The kids had so many questions for me too. They made it really hard to say good-bye. The kids hugged me like a million times apiece. It took a lot not to cry when I was leaving, I’m going to miss them and Mrs.C.

Reflection: Why is saying bye the hardest time to do? Field Experience for me has been wonderful. I learned a lot about teaching. I hope that my portfolio reflects this.

Stories to Share: Five minutes before I leave on the last day of field experience, all the kids in my class bomb rushed my desk as I was cleaning it out. So all the kids are yelling and screaming CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH? They were shoveling papers, tissues, and index cards at me. I now understand how celebrities feels.


Observations: This week we only had one day at our field experience school because of pass testing. So I observe how the kids act after testing is done. They were kinda of restless the one day I saw them. I do not know if it is because they really want to go home or if they were still kinda hung up on testing.

Learning Experience: I learn that everyone in our class is having fun with their field experience classes, and that once you are not at a school for a certain block being at school is hard. Being with little kids for just about an hour and a half is so much better than being in class any day.

Reflections: Do I really want to do this? This week I have second guessed myself on everything. Tests, homework, and what i should and should not be doing.I hope this does not last long because I’m use to rolling with my first thought, answer,hope, or etc.

Stories to Share: I really do not have any stories to share this week. No one in my class did anything cute or funny. It was just another week where nothing exciting really happens.

Observations: This week I observed how the kids treats the four or so peers in their class that have learning disabilities. It really touch my heart how the kids are not like older people in society. They treat the kids like they are equal. It is joy to know Mrs.C is letting them know at an earlier age that everyone is different in a different way and that we shouldn’t treat them any different.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that kids are never afraid to speak their minds. Some the kids in my class have cell phones, and they want me to give them my phone number so they could call me. This caught me completely off guard and I didn’t know how to respond so I just told them they did not need to know it. I never thought in a million years that my kids would ask me something like that.

Reflections: What is it like to be fearless? As a child we really don’t know that we’re not to suppose to say and ask certain things people. Is it really because we do not know any better or is it because we do not fear the person response.

Stories to share: This week the kids went to the computer lab to work on their globsters. Everyone one was fighting for my attention. I had to say A. first, then C. desperately wanted me to see his. I was running around because the kids kept calling Ms. Brown, Ms.Brown, and then T. decided to get my attention she would just call me by my first name, then work because I’m trying to be a teacher for then friend.

Observations: This week I suppose to see how teacher operate on early release days. But I couldn’t do this because once I got there my cooperating teacher got sick because she is allergic to nuts.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that life is too short not to enjoy. After seeing my teacher being rushed to the hospital it just reinforce that tomorrow is not promise, so we should always enjoy the present.

Reflections: What’s here today is not here tomorrow. So I should cherish yesterday memories, enjoy the present, and never stress about my future. Is my field experience teacher going to be okay? How will the kids react?

Stories to Share: I ate lunch with the girls today. So M. ask me if I was going to the prom, and I told her I might go. She went on to say she couldn’t wait for her prom, so she could buy a prom dress and hang out with her friends. I don’t think any other fourth graders thinks about their high school prom.

Observations: Since it was the week before Mrs.C was at her limited with the kids.  She kept saying the same things to kids like twenty-six times. The kids were so restless and kept asking me what time it was. I think they were anxious for their party on friday. Friday was a very different day, the kids all rushed to hug me when I entered the classroom. The couldn’t sit still and were ready for the party to start. The kids were sad that I couldn’t stay for the party.

Learning Experience: This week I learn that sometimes you’re best intention are not enough at times. This week my kids learned idiom, similes, metaphors, and hyperboles. They were too cute telling me it is supposed to rain cats and dogs this weekend. My field experience teacher was really getting into like the kids. She told me that when the kids were acting too silly I should discipline them but say that they’re not all that in a bag of chips. They were just too funny this week.

Reflections: When my best is not enough what am I suppose to do? This week I’ve been asking myself this a lot because I feel that I have let a lot of people down even through I’ve given everything my all. I guess sometimes in life things cannot go you’re way for a reason you don’t found out into later.

Stories to Share: So when I was in Wal-Mart Thursday with my mom getting the stuff we needed to make ravioli for dinner and this little boy is waving at me. At first I have no idea who he is and then I realize he is one of my kids. So I start waving back and he is like Hi, Ms.Brown and I’m like Hey, T. His mommy and my mommy are laughing so hard at us and we’re both telling our mommies who the other is. So when I went to Field Experience on Friday, as soon as I walked in the door T is jumps and say I saw Ms.Brown and in Wal-Mart yesterday. The rest of my kids were looking at me like that not fair, even through I have no control who is in Wal-Mart. When it was time for me to leave field experience on Friday the kids all hugged me bye and in unison said they would miss me over spring break.

Observations: So this week I did my first lesson and the class acted way different. My field experience teacher and me teach so differently. She does a better job of keeping the kids engaged then I do. So the kids got off topic a lot, but they were eager to answer all my questions.

Learning Experiences: This week I learn that controlling a classroom is harder than it looks. Once the kids get bored or distracted chaos can emerge within seconds. So my field experience teacher told me little phrase to gain control of the kids. I also learned that the kids find me more of a friend then a teacher. So I need to work on that.

Reflections: Do I really have what it takes to be a teacher?

Stories to share: Okay this week I started eating lunch with my kids. So I ate lunch with the boys this week and they were so hyper. So one of the boys said that I shouldn’t be a teacher because that some kids are so much worst them. He shocked me so bad when he said that.

Moment for life(March 3)

Observations: This week, field experience started, and everyone involved was elated. So I got Mrs. Cosby’s fourth grade class and at first I didn’t know if fourth grade was going to be right for me. The kids were so excited to see me and they loved me before they met. Mrs.Cosby really has a way with those kids. She incorporates reading in to their math lessons which is really cool. They laugh together, it is like she is a friend and a teacher at the same time. That’s hard to find in some teacher, and I really hope that if I become a teacher I have that relationship with my kids. When I arrive at my field experience the class is doing math. This week they have been working on fractions. When the kids have questions Mrs. Cosby waits until everyone finishes their work and address them before she takes up the work. She also allows the class to work with the kids in their group when they have trouble.

Learning Experiences: This week I learned that I’m not good at fourth grade math. Some of the questions that the kids asked Mrs.Cosby I didn’t know how to get the answer either. So I really need to brush up on my math skills. I also learned that I need to manage my time better, leaving my class is so hard and I really wish I had a study hall 8B.

Reflections: Getting to know my class and field experience teacher was fun. But so many of the kids have IEPs and there is a lot to remember with that. One boy really like to hug people and I always have to be on the watch because he’s not allowed to do it. The minute he start to hug someone, mainly adults he doesn’t stop and he’ll start to surprise hug you. There are a few kids with learning disabilities but I only see them during lunch and recess. So I’m so grateful we went over IEPs’ and learning disabilities.

Stories to Share: During the first day of field experience Mrs.Cosby give me a chance to tell the class a little about myself and let the class ask me questions. So some of the kids got out of their seats and came and sit on the floor around my chair in the center of the room. Once everyone was comfortable, I told them a little about myself. Everything I left out was questions, it got so bad that I almost didn’t make it back to school in time for 8B.

Missing In Action

Read-Alouds: There were no read-alouds this week.

Quote of the WeekHave a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts. ~Charles Dickens

I love this quote. If everyone lived life like this the world could be a much better place. This great for teachers who have students like some of my classmates. It will take them back to the heart and remind why they loved teaching from the start.

Learning Experience: This week I have been stuck in bed sick.  I missed the party we had for the new recruits and everything. I missed like four days of school which is horrible. It seems the days you miss are always filled with fun but work. Make up work is the worst because some teacher just seem to pile it on. Even though I have been sick I did get a chance to go to school on Monday and I learn that even through we hate a class or a teacher doesn’t mean you should let it stifle your learning.

Current Event:       This article is about how some schools in poor area are not getting the same opportunities and resources because high qualified teachers are not available. The fact is that some schools need the best of the best to brighten their kids future. Schools give some of these students in poor areas a reason to hope for the future. Qualified teachers should be willing to help those students prepare for the future. I think it is sad that all students can’t have access to some of things I have access to at home and school.

Observations: I didn’t have the opportunity to do observations this week which was not cool. I look forward to them.

Reflections: What happens when I am sick in college? Were my fellow cadets helpful at the party? What happen in english that i missed? Why does one become sick right before something fun about to happen in life.

A Day in Paradise!!! :D

Read-Alouds: There were no read-alouds this week.

Quote of the week: It takes a village to raise a child. ~ African  Proverb

I love this quote to death, because it’s so true. It’s a mother to show you something. Then a dad to show you another thing. My grandma to show you the old fashion way of doing something. A teacher showing you things your family doesn’t know.

Learning Experiences: This week we had a guest speaker named   Ms. Paradise.  She was amazing and she brought us snacks which makes any experience better. Ms. Paradise is part of Rolling Readers, which a programs where volunteers help spread the joy of reading to children in the community.  Ms. Paradise shared with us how to read the books to the children. The best part of this lesson was learning to ask a question that doesn’t need a verbal response allowing us to keep control of children.

Current Event:

This article is about how Obama wants to spend more money on education and the fact the congress is willing to work with him. I think it’s about time the government focuses on education instead of who spending money on this and that and the smear campaigns. They need to be their differences aside and try to make better polices to help americans.

Observations: This week I observe the kids at River Springs Elementary School. I go there every other Wednesday, to do Reading Buddies. Reading Buddies is programs where volunteers from the high school give up a late Wednesday to read to kids at the elementary fostering sound reading skills into these kids.  The kids at the elementary school are so funny. They run everywhere and you can’t tell that they are in hallway. The run errands for the teacher and are back to the classroom in like five minutes.  They are the perfect students almost. The teachers barely have problems with them. I think it is funny how as you move up in school some students seem to be worst.

Reflections: Am I ready for high school to finally be over? Are me and my friends going to keep in touch after everyone goes their separate way?

Regards and Rewards

Read-Alouds: There were two read-alouds this week. The first one was, The Little Engine That Could, by Watty Piper. This book reminded me of how I was going to give in AP English 3, because the pace was different.  I stuck it out in the end and gain so much knowledge. Thanks Mr.Landrenuea. The second read alouds was,  The Lorax, By Dr. Seuss. This was the first time I ever heard of this book. I really  enjoyed. I would use this book to show any students that when you don’t listen you regard it in the long run.

Quote of the week: We’re all searching for the things that we’re missing in life.~Author Unknown                                    I totally agree with this quote. We go through life wanting so much that when we finally find what we’ve been looking for, everything else falls in place some how.

Learning Experiences: This week I learned that no matter how strong we think our one weakness leads us to make stupid mistakes, that we regard later. This week we wrapped up learning barriers. I miss the test, because I’ve been sick all week. I miss the speaker this week too, which is disappointing. I also learned that teachers works so hard to teach students. Others and myself really don’t appreciate this or really care. Students always believe teachers are out to get them.

Current Event:–1  When you look around at the staff at school what is missing? The answer is minority teachers. I’m not schools don’t have them, I’m saying that you can count on your hand how many minority teachers there are in schools. This article talks about how most school have a mainly white staff. This is not an easy fix because there are not that many minority teachers. America is a divert country and it would benefit students of different minority to see more minority teachers, because it’s teachers that inspires sometimes. It would be easier for minority to relate to school if the could see more people with a similar culture to themselves.

Observations: This week I observed elderly people. So many people think they’re depressed and have no lives, but that’s not the case. The elderly are awesome. I’ve heard so many stories about how the world used to be from my history, but to heard from someone who actually was living when it happened is totally different. The elderly taught me that no matter how old someone is they want someone who will listen to them without judging them.

Reflections: Where do I go from here? Does me turning eighteen really change me? Is USC going to accept me? I hope so because I really want to go there.