Observations: This week I had the opportunity to observe a special education class. The teacher Mrs.P is so awesome. She gives each student in her class the opportunity to ask questions. She makes sure they have fun when they are learning also. Some of the kids in her class go to regular ed classes, but I noticed that they are more eager to learn in the self-contained classes. The last day of Field Experience I observe my teacher. Mrs.C is very open with the kids, she tell them almost everything. She acts like one of the students at times and she does a really good job at keeping the kids engaged in their activities.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that saying good-bye is hard. The last thirty minutes or so in class was spend wishing me a farewell. The kids had so many questions for me too. They made it really hard to say good-bye. The kids hugged me like a million times apiece. It took a lot not to cry when I was leaving, I’m going to miss them and Mrs.C.

Reflection: Why is saying bye the hardest time to do? Field Experience for me has been wonderful. I learned a lot about teaching. I hope that my portfolio reflects this.

Stories to Share: Five minutes before I leave on the last day of field experience, all the kids in my class bomb rushed my desk as I was cleaning it out. So all the kids are yelling and screaming CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH? They were shoveling papers, tissues, and index cards at me. I now understand how celebrities feels.