Observations: This week I suppose to see how teacher operate on early release days. But I couldn’t do this because once I got there my cooperating teacher got sick because she is allergic to nuts.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that life is too short not to enjoy. After seeing my teacher being rushed to the hospital it just reinforce that tomorrow is not promise, so we should always enjoy the present.

Reflections: What’s here today is not here tomorrow. So I should cherish yesterday memories, enjoy the present, and never stress about my future. Is my field experience teacher going to be okay? How will the kids react?

Stories to Share: I ate lunch with the girls today. So M. ask me if I was going to the prom, and I told her I might go. She went on to say she couldn’t wait for her prom, so she could buy a prom dress and hang out with her friends. I don’t think any other fourth graders thinks about their high school prom.