Observations: This week we only had one day at our field experience school because of pass testing. So I observe how the kids act after testing is done. They were kinda of restless the one day I saw them. I do not know if it is because they really want to go home or if they were still kinda hung up on testing.

Learning Experience: I learn that everyone in our class is having fun with their field experience classes, and that once you are not at a school for a certain block being at school is hard. Being with little kids for just about an hour and a half is so much better than being in class any day.

Reflections: Do I really want to do this? This week I have second guessed myself on everything. Tests, homework, and what i should and should not be doing.I hope this does not last long because I’m use to rolling with my first thought, answer,hope, or etc.

Stories to Share: I really do not have any stories to share this week. No one in my class did anything cute or funny. It was just another week where nothing exciting really happens.