Observations: This week I observed how the kids treats the four or so peers in their class that have learning disabilities. It really touch my heart how the kids are not like older people in society. They treat the kids like they are equal. It is joy to know Mrs.C is letting them know at an earlier age that everyone is different in a different way and that we shouldn’t treat them any different.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that kids are never afraid to speak their minds. Some the kids in my class have cell phones, and they want me to give them my phone number so they could call me. This caught me completely off guard and I didn’t know how to respond so I just told them they did not need to know it. I never thought in a million years that my kids would ask me something like that.

Reflections: What is it like to be fearless? As a child we really don’t know that we’re not to suppose to say and ask certain things people. Is it really because we do not know any better or is it because we do not fear the person response.

Stories to share: This week the kids went to the computer lab to work on their globsters. Everyone one was fighting for my attention. I had to say A. first, then C. desperately wanted me to see his. I was running around because the kids kept calling Ms. Brown, Ms.Brown, and then T. decided to get my attention she would just call me by my first name, then work because I’m trying to be a teacher for then friend.