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Observations: This week we only had one day at our field experience school because of pass testing. So I observe how the kids act after testing is done. They were kinda of restless the one day I saw them. I do not know if it is because they really want to go home or if they were still kinda hung up on testing.

Learning Experience: I learn that everyone in our class is having fun with their field experience classes, and that once you are not at a school for a certain block being at school is hard. Being with little kids for just about an hour and a half is so much better than being in class any day.

Reflections: Do I really want to do this? This week I have second guessed myself on everything. Tests, homework, and what i should and should not be doing.I hope this does not last long because I’m use to rolling with my first thought, answer,hope, or etc.

Stories to Share: I really do not have any stories to share this week. No one in my class did anything cute or funny. It was just another week where nothing exciting really happens.


Observations: This week I observed how the kids treats the four or so peers in their class that have learning disabilities. It really touch my heart how the kids are not like older people in society. They treat the kids like they are equal. It is joy to know Mrs.C is letting them know at an earlier age that everyone is different in a different way and that we shouldn’t treat them any different.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that kids are never afraid to speak their minds. Some the kids in my class have cell phones, and they want me to give them my phone number so they could call me. This caught me completely off guard and I didn’t know how to respond so I just told them they did not need to know it. I never thought in a million years that my kids would ask me something like that.

Reflections: What is it like to be fearless? As a child we really don’t know that we’re not to suppose to say and ask certain things people. Is it really because we do not know any better or is it because we do not fear the person response.

Stories to share: This week the kids went to the computer lab to work on their globsters. Everyone one was fighting for my attention. I had to say A. first, then C. desperately wanted me to see his. I was running around because the kids kept calling Ms. Brown, Ms.Brown, and then T. decided to get my attention she would just call me by my first name, then work because I’m trying to be a teacher for then friend.

Observations: This week I suppose to see how teacher operate on early release days. But I couldn’t do this because once I got there my cooperating teacher got sick because she is allergic to nuts.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that life is too short not to enjoy. After seeing my teacher being rushed to the hospital it just reinforce that tomorrow is not promise, so we should always enjoy the present.

Reflections: What’s here today is not here tomorrow. So I should cherish yesterday memories, enjoy the present, and never stress about my future. Is my field experience teacher going to be okay? How will the kids react?

Stories to Share: I ate lunch with the girls today. So M. ask me if I was going to the prom, and I told her I might go. She went on to say she couldn’t wait for her prom, so she could buy a prom dress and hang out with her friends. I don’t think any other fourth graders thinks about their high school prom.

Observations: Since it was the week before Mrs.C was at her limited with the kids.  She kept saying the same things to kids like twenty-six times. The kids were so restless and kept asking me what time it was. I think they were anxious for their party on friday. Friday was a very different day, the kids all rushed to hug me when I entered the classroom. The couldn’t sit still and were ready for the party to start. The kids were sad that I couldn’t stay for the party.

Learning Experience: This week I learn that sometimes you’re best intention are not enough at times. This week my kids learned idiom, similes, metaphors, and hyperboles. They were too cute telling me it is supposed to rain cats and dogs this weekend. My field experience teacher was really getting into like the kids. She told me that when the kids were acting too silly I should discipline them but say that they’re not all that in a bag of chips. They were just too funny this week.

Reflections: When my best is not enough what am I suppose to do? This week I’ve been asking myself this a lot because I feel that I have let a lot of people down even through I’ve given everything my all. I guess sometimes in life things cannot go you’re way for a reason you don’t found out into later.

Stories to Share: So when I was in Wal-Mart Thursday with my mom getting the stuff we needed to make ravioli for dinner and this little boy is waving at me. At first I have no idea who he is and then I realize he is one of my kids. So I start waving back and he is like Hi, Ms.Brown and I’m like Hey, T. His mommy and my mommy are laughing so hard at us and we’re both telling our mommies who the other is. So when I went to Field Experience on Friday, as soon as I walked in the door T is jumps and say I saw Ms.Brown and in Wal-Mart yesterday. The rest of my kids were looking at me like that not fair, even through I have no control who is in Wal-Mart. When it was time for me to leave field experience on Friday the kids all hugged me bye and in unison said they would miss me over spring break.

Observations: So this week I did my first lesson and the class acted way different. My field experience teacher and me teach so differently. She does a better job of keeping the kids engaged then I do. So the kids got off topic a lot, but they were eager to answer all my questions.

Learning Experiences: This week I learn that controlling a classroom is harder than it looks. Once the kids get bored or distracted chaos can emerge within seconds. So my field experience teacher told me little phrase to gain control of the kids. I also learned that the kids find me more of a friend then a teacher. So I need to work on that.

Reflections: Do I really have what it takes to be a teacher?

Stories to share: Okay this week I started eating lunch with my kids. So I ate lunch with the boys this week and they were so hyper. So one of the boys said that I shouldn’t be a teacher because that some kids are so much worst them. He shocked me so bad when he said that.