Observations: This week, field experience started, and everyone involved was elated. So I got Mrs. Cosby’s fourth grade class and at first I didn’t know if fourth grade was going to be right for me. The kids were so excited to see me and they loved me before they met. Mrs.Cosby really has a way with those kids. She incorporates reading in to their math lessons which is really cool. They laugh together, it is like she is a friend and a teacher at the same time. That’s hard to find in some teacher, and I really hope that if I become a teacher I have that relationship with my kids. When I arrive at my field experience the class is doing math. This week they have been working on fractions. When the kids have questions Mrs. Cosby waits until everyone finishes their work and address them before she takes up the work. She also allows the class to work with the kids in their group when they have trouble.

Learning Experiences: This week I learned that I’m not good at fourth grade math. Some of the questions that the kids asked Mrs.Cosby I didn’t know how to get the answer either. So I really need to brush up on my math skills. I also learned that I need to manage my time better, leaving my class is so hard and I really wish I had a study hall 8B.

Reflections: Getting to know my class and field experience teacher was fun. But so many of the kids have IEPs and there is a lot to remember with that. One boy really like to hug people and I always have to be on the watch because he’s not allowed to do it. The minute he start to hug someone, mainly adults he doesn’t stop and he’ll start to surprise hug you. There are a few kids with learning disabilities but I only see them during lunch and recess. So I’m so grateful we went over IEPs’ and learning disabilities.

Stories to Share: During the first day of field experience Mrs.Cosby give me a chance to tell the class a little about myself and let the class ask me questions. So some of the kids got out of their seats and came and sit on the floor around my chair in the center of the room. Once everyone was comfortable, I told them a little about myself. Everything I left out was questions, it got so bad that I almost didn’t make it back to school in time for 8B.