Read-Alouds: There were no read-alouds this week.

Quote of the WeekHave a heart that never hardens, a temper that never tires, a touch that never hurts. ~Charles Dickens

I love this quote. If everyone lived life like this the world could be a much better place. This great for teachers who have students like some of my classmates. It will take them back to the heart and remind why they loved teaching from the start.

Learning Experience: This week I have been stuck in bed sick.  I missed the party we had for the new recruits and everything. I missed like four days of school which is horrible. It seems the days you miss are always filled with fun but work. Make up work is the worst because some teacher just seem to pile it on. Even though I have been sick I did get a chance to go to school on Monday and I learn that even through we hate a class or a teacher doesn’t mean you should let it stifle your learning.

Current Event:       This article is about how some schools in poor area are not getting the same opportunities and resources because high qualified teachers are not available. The fact is that some schools need the best of the best to brighten their kids future. Schools give some of these students in poor areas a reason to hope for the future. Qualified teachers should be willing to help those students prepare for the future. I think it is sad that all students can’t have access to some of things I have access to at home and school.

Observations: I didn’t have the opportunity to do observations this week which was not cool. I look forward to them.

Reflections: What happens when I am sick in college? Were my fellow cadets helpful at the party? What happen in english that i missed? Why does one become sick right before something fun about to happen in life.