Read-Alouds: There were no read-alouds this week.

Quote of the week: It takes a village to raise a child. ~ African  Proverb

I love this quote to death, because it’s so true. It’s a mother to show you something. Then a dad to show you another thing. My grandma to show you the old fashion way of doing something. A teacher showing you things your family doesn’t know.

Learning Experiences: This week we had a guest speaker named   Ms. Paradise.  She was amazing and she brought us snacks which makes any experience better. Ms. Paradise is part of Rolling Readers, which a programs where volunteers help spread the joy of reading to children in the community.  Ms. Paradise shared with us how to read the books to the children. The best part of this lesson was learning to ask a question that doesn’t need a verbal response allowing us to keep control of children.

Current Event:

This article is about how Obama wants to spend more money on education and the fact the congress is willing to work with him. I think it’s about time the government focuses on education instead of who spending money on this and that and the smear campaigns. They need to be their differences aside and try to make better polices to help americans.

Observations: This week I observe the kids at River Springs Elementary School. I go there every other Wednesday, to do Reading Buddies. Reading Buddies is programs where volunteers from the high school give up a late Wednesday to read to kids at the elementary fostering sound reading skills into these kids.  The kids at the elementary school are so funny. They run everywhere and you can’t tell that they are in hallway. The run errands for the teacher and are back to the classroom in like five minutes.  They are the perfect students almost. The teachers barely have problems with them. I think it is funny how as you move up in school some students seem to be worst.

Reflections: Am I ready for high school to finally be over? Are me and my friends going to keep in touch after everyone goes their separate way?