Read-Alouds: There were two read-alouds this week. The first one was, The Little Engine That Could, by Watty Piper. This book reminded me of how I was going to give in AP English 3, because the pace was different.  I stuck it out in the end and gain so much knowledge. Thanks Mr.Landrenuea. The second read alouds was,  The Lorax, By Dr. Seuss. This was the first time I ever heard of this book. I really  enjoyed. I would use this book to show any students that when you don’t listen you regard it in the long run.

Quote of the week: We’re all searching for the things that we’re missing in life.~Author Unknown                                    I totally agree with this quote. We go through life wanting so much that when we finally find what we’ve been looking for, everything else falls in place some how.

Learning Experiences: This week I learned that no matter how strong we think our one weakness leads us to make stupid mistakes, that we regard later. This week we wrapped up learning barriers. I miss the test, because I’ve been sick all week. I miss the speaker this week too, which is disappointing. I also learned that teachers works so hard to teach students. Others and myself really don’t appreciate this or really care. Students always believe teachers are out to get them.

Current Event:–1  When you look around at the staff at school what is missing? The answer is minority teachers. I’m not schools don’t have them, I’m saying that you can count on your hand how many minority teachers there are in schools. This article talks about how most school have a mainly white staff. This is not an easy fix because there are not that many minority teachers. America is a divert country and it would benefit students of different minority to see more minority teachers, because it’s teachers that inspires sometimes. It would be easier for minority to relate to school if the could see more people with a similar culture to themselves.

Observations: This week I observed elderly people. So many people think they’re depressed and have no lives, but that’s not the case. The elderly are awesome. I’ve heard so many stories about how the world used to be from my history, but to heard from someone who actually was living when it happened is totally different. The elderly taught me that no matter how old someone is they want someone who will listen to them without judging them.

Reflections: Where do I go from here? Does me turning eighteen really change me? Is USC going to accept me? I hope so because I really want to go there.