Read-Alouds: There were two read aloud this week. The first was “I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words,” by Michael Frith. I really like this read-aloud because it reminded me of me when I was in the third grade. I always imagined doing something great and then saying I do it later. So I would use this book to help kids who are like I was, realize that daydreaming is okay, but making dreams come true is so much better. The second read aloud was “Julius Baby of the World” by Kevin Henkes. This is the cutest little book ever. I truly enjoyed this book, but it reminded me of my brother. He always picks on me and pull pranks, but the minute someone else tries to do the same he is ready to fight them. Crazy I know, anyway I would use this book to help kids who have a new brother or sister realize that the new baby is not a bad thing but a good thing, and then have the class talk about their siblings.

Quote of the Week: A teacher can teach till they are blue in face, but the only way a student will get it is if the teacher actually care. author Unknown I really enjoyed this quote because I truly understand it. In order for me to learn I need a teacher who is passionate, who really wants me to get it.

Learning Experiences: This week I learned that I studying for two hours a day for week still isn’t enough to pass a major test in teacher cadets. Thanks for giving us a second chance Mrs.Jackson. Firday Mrs. Theresa Holland, came to our class. She is ESOL teacher, which basically means she helps student who speak other languages learn english. I think it a cool job, because she is really touching those students’ lives.

Current Event:

Observations: This week one of my clincial rotations for Health Science was going to Picketts Fence Christian Academy. I been there before back in stepember and the kids have really grown up fast. It was fun to watch the kids play and give each other nicknames. It amazing how a two year old can learn some much in a day, by the time I left they could write the first two letters in their names.

Reflections: Life throws us on so many different paths picking the right way can be tricky. So if i do teach what am I going to teach and what grade level?