Read-Alouds: There were three read alouds this week. The first one was a Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein, which is a book of poems. I would use this book to teach second graders how to write poem and then we would have a book of poem just from the class. The next one was Picky Mrs. Pickle by Christine M. Schnelder. This book would be a great way to show those picky eater that trying new things can be rewarding. I use this book in a kindergarten classroom to get the kids to try new things. The last read  aloud was My Dog, My Hero by Belsy Byars. I really enjoyed this read aloud because it shows that the person you don’t expect to be a hero turns out to be a hero. I use this book in a third grade classroom and have the kids writes stories about their heroes.

Quote of the Week:“Teaching is leaving a vestige of one self in the development of another.” -Eugene P. Bertin 

Learning Experience: This week I learned what it meant to be disabled, through a series of activities. The first activity I learned that I really need all my fingers to do something simple like picking something up. I had to tape my first two fingers to my thumb and put gloves on the floor in front of me, put gloves on, try to put peas into a medicine bottle, put paper clips on a note card, and screw a bolt on screw. It shocked me because Christie really struggled to do these activities, where it didn’t really fazed  me. I adapt to the situation pretty well, but I don’t think I could live my life-like that.  The next activity I had to be blind. It was horrible, I couldn’t even open a book to page four or find the letter “L,” in a bag of letters. My heart goes out to all the people who are blind, not because they don’t live a great life, but because people are cruel. The following activity of partners had a knee brace on both legs and one could not really see. I watched as my partner could barely walk up the hall or tell me how much a snickers bar cost. The next activity was following muffled directions and communicating through sign language.  I did pretty good following muffled directions I missed like one or two things and I’m not good at sign language. My favorite activities were distracting my partners, and following a maze using a mirror.  I laugh out loud as I watched Lawrence struggle to complete simple math with me yelling at him. I feel horrible for kid who have to go through that, because they can’t really learn. The last activities I was on clutches and Lawrence was in a wheelchair. Being in the wheelchair was fun, but on clutches is just hard work and I hope I never have to use them again. This week I learned that I shouldn’t complain because my life could be worst.

Current Event:  People Inc. in western New York have built a museum  dedicated to the history of development disabilities. The museum is located in Buffalo and it has resources and curriculum for educators to teach disability history in schools. Which is taking off with part of Disability History Week, which observed the third week in October.  I think that this a great thing and the more people who become aware of disabilities, the more the disabled can lead a better life.

Observations: I didn’t really observe anything this week, because I simply forgot to.

Reflections: We take the little things in life for granted. Things like being able to use all our fingers or walking with ease. So this week I’m grateful for all I have and the next time I see someone treating a disabled person wrong I’m going to give them a piece of mind.