Read-Aloud: This week the read aloud was Clap Your Hands by Lorinda Bryan Cauley. This was a very fun read aloud and I think little kids would truly enjoy this book. I would use this book to get kids awake when they first come to school, because they are tired like us in the morning some times. This book would also be a great way to get the kids to get to enjoy each other, I would set them up in small group and have them actually do would the book says. 

Quote of the week: Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand. – Chinese Proverb I love this quote, because this is what teachers really do; they tell you something and you may forget, they show you something and you remember it somewhat, but when they get you involve you truly understand. This quote is really what a teacher is to me.

Learning Experience: The 2008 South Carolina Teacher of the Year,  Mrs. Ann Marie Taylor came to speak to us this week. She is amazing and the first special education teacher to win. I enjoyed the fact that she is an advocate for those kids, some many people never really give them a chance all they see is someone who is truly different, but they are not. I learn that being a teacher is not being a dictator, but a servant leader one who leads by example and that teaching takes some patient, creativity, and understanding.

Current Event:                                                       This article is about how advocates for mental health sue California over mental health cutoff. They claim that it is  the state violated the Individuals with Disabilities Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act by cutting off the program known as “AB 3632 services. Many children are having their education compromise and parents fear the worst. 

Observations: I observed spirit week this week. I love how the student body can come together and celebrate our school. My favorite day was nerd day, because everyone was laughing  at each other. I think it is really awesome how for a week we can all put our differences aside and I wish  that it could always be like that.

Reflections: Should I get more involved with Special Education? How can we get more people to understand their struggle? How can we stop the discrimination?