Read-Alouds: The first read-alouds was Mrs. Smith’s Incredible Storybook, by Michael Garland. I really enjoyed this read aloud. I would use this in a second grade classroom. I would have the children make a fairy tale out of a crazy chaotic day in their lives and then we would make a giant classroom book of fairy tales. The second read aloud was All Cats Have Asperger, by Kathy Hoopmann. I enjoyed this read aloud the most this week. I would use the book in a kindergarten classroom to let the kids know that everyone is different no matter who they are. The last read aloud this week was The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. I would use this book in a fifth grade classroom to let the kids know that in life we just take from some people and that makes them happy. But as you get older you must learn how to give and take.

Quote of the Week:  The test of a good teacher is not how many questions he can ask his pupil that they can readily answer, but how many questions he inspires them to ask him in which he finds hard to answer.- Alice Wellington Rollins.  This quote is awesome. I never thought about teaching in that way and I love how certain quotes and things really open your eyes to new things.

Learning Experience: This week I learned that we make people feel bad. People who have disabilities don’t really think about their disability like we do. They are used to it and we make some of them feel insecure. We need to start treating people like we treat our friends. We also took a test on the book The Curious incident of the dog in the Nighttime. This book is amazing it really give insight into the lives of those with disabilities and the people who care for them.

Current Event:                                                         This article is about Austim. New data shows the 1 in 110 kids have austim. The study showed that eight percent of the US population eight years old have austim. I think it is time we found a cure for austim and stop kids from having to deal with everything austim brings to their lives.                     

Reflections: Why do I procrastinate so much? Why do I keep second guessing myself in everything I do? Can you really change the world by standing up for what you believe in?