Read-Alouds: This week read-alouds were awesome. I love how Lawrence signed a speech it was really cool I wish I knew sign-language. I really enjoy The Bracelet  by Elizabeth Ballard. It shows that as a teacher you should take the time to really get to the your students because you really don’t know how they really feel sometimes. I use this book as a way to get to kindergarten through first grade students to talk about their mothers and someone who influence them. Then I would have them make bracelets for these people. The reason i chose The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans is because it kinda made me think of my teacher heart. After realize who the kids were that fell through cracks, I actually take the time to talk to them and this box reinforced that. I would this book to have senior reflect on their childhood and how it made them who they were.

Quote of the week: The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.  ~Author Unknown  I love this quote, it is amazing.  This is the plain simple truth, the best teachers don’t need a text book to teach you everything you need to know in their subject. All they need is the passion from their heart to teach.

Learning Experiences:  This week I learn that my classmates are really cool people. Everyone is starting to come out of their shells and we are really starting  to be like a family. I also learn that making lesson plans for classes are hard. I didn’t think teaching the class using different learning styles was going to be hard, but it was. Teachers work really hard to make sure we get all the information we need in a way where we can understand it.

Current Event: This article is about how a large school in Massachusetts turn around the failure rates of their students. They incorporated writing and reading in every class including gym and make classes smaller. Small is better sometimes. It allows teachers to give students more aid when they struggle and some students just need more intimate classroom settings.

Observations: I observed my friends this week. I hang out with so many different people that I’m shocked they all get along. Last class I got a chance to sit anywhere I wanted and ended up by friends. As I looked around the classroom there was one person sitting alone and it broke my heart. It’s funny how we isolate people without giving them a chance to get to know us. Next class if we pick our own seats I’m sitting by the person who isolated last class. It’s great to have friends but it’s better to make new friends. A wise young man once told me that saying hi to people you don’t know make actually make their day. I think I should apply this to my life since I have such a diverse group of friends and not one of them is alike.                          

Reflections:   Can I handle being a teacher? Am I going to graduate? What does the future really hold for me?