Read-Alouds: The read aloud this week was Punctuation Celebration by Elsa Knight Bruno. I would this book to help teach second or third grade students about punctuation. I enjoyed this read-aloud, and great follow-up activity for it  would be to have kids write their own books about punctuation.

Quote of the week: A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.  ~Terri Guillemets I love and agree with this quote a 100%. I can’t learn if I’m not curious, and the great teacher sparks my curious as they lead me to the knowledge I need to become wise.

Learning Experiences: I learned about a fellow classmate this week. The funny thing is I have had classes with her before, but we never really talked to one another. We do have a lot in common and think it might be fun getting to know her. Who knows we might become the best of friends. I think it would a great idea to do more little activities like getting to know your partner favorites or something. It might help destroy some of the cliques in our class.

Current Event: This article about is about how school tend to give standardize tests and standard for teachers to teach instead being different. Not every students will do well on standardize test, this doesn’t make them stupid but it does hold them back. The school system is not all helping to promote the best in students we all don’t learn the same and we can’t all be in the group that standardize testing is targeted to. The public school system is just be more diversified like it’s student body.

Observations: This week  I observed the classroom this week. I noticed that it full of  little cliques. My fellow classmates and I tend to be a little quieter when we are not among friends. Some of my classmate try to talk to everyone they sit with even through they really don’t know everyone well. So I think this week I will try to find something in common with fellow cadets I don’t know.

Reflections: Why do I procrastinate all the time? Why is getting ready for college so hard? Why does school have to be so stressful? Why did so many people lie about Senior year being the best time of my life?