Quote Of the Week: He who dares to teach never cease to learn.-Anonymous   My math teacher is always saying double check my answer because i might be wrong. How many teachers do you know will admit that they are wrong? Most teachers wouldn’t admit that they are wrong. Great teachers are always learning and teaching at the same time. That’s the type of teacher i want to be.

Read-Alouds: The first one was Mrs.Spitzer’s by Edith Pattou i enjoyed this read alouds because of it’s use of an extended methapor. I would use this book to track students progress in my class if i was an elementary school teacher. Each student would be a different color flower within the classroom garden as  they learn more they get more petals and when they pass test and quizzes their stems grow. This would teach them how to competition civilly. The second one was only one you by Linda Kranz. This was my favorite read-alouds this week because it is a book full of inspiration quotes. I would use this in a high school classroom. Each student would come up with their own quotes to keep them inspirited throughout the school year. I think  this would help lower drop out rates, because kids need to be inspirited to learn.

Learning Experiences: This week i think the class bonded more, because of our presentation. My favorite one was the book big. Team Esteem is really our class and i love how that group tied everyone in the class to a letter in the alphabet. So I learned that the little thing you notice about someone really defined their character.

Current Event: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/07/health/views/07mind.html?_r=1&emc=eta1 This article is about study habits and teaching. It’s is not always good to stick to the norm when dealing with students. We like new and fresh ideas and habits. I think that is why some people don’t succeed in all they do.

Observations: This week i observe the cliques of our school. That is the one thing i wish people didn’t do. I hang out with everyone, it doesn’t matter how they dress so anything like that. If we have something in common we can be friends. So when i deal with young people i will slipt them up from their friends and make sure everyone bonds with each other.

Reflections: Where is my life heading? Where am i going to college? Can i really handle Senior year?